Laval University  is the implementing partner of the AFLAH project. Three professors of the Agricultural and Food Sciences Faculty participe as researchers in the project activities'coordination. Students from Laval University conduct their thesis with the support of the AFLAH project and its partners in Haiti.  Laval University is also working closely with public entities in Haiti such as the Haitian Office of Standards (BHN) to develop a national initiative for aflatoxins control.

Partners in Haïti

Chibas is a foundation dedicated to agricultural research. This foundation participes in the project to develop new techniques and knowledge for safe use of contaminated peanuts. Chibas is also studying the aflatoxins contamination of sorghum and corn. It works in close partnership with Quisqueya University in Haiti and several students from this University have the opportunity to do their research projects with the support of Chibas through the AFLAH project. 

 iF Foundation is  a NGO working in the Northern Department of Haiti. This foundation brings to the project a valuable contribution, specifically in the following areas:

  • Recruitment of peanut farmers;
  • Dissemination of aflatoxin control methods to peanut farmers;
  • Aflatoxin testing labs to analyze the aflatoxin level of the peanut samples;


MFK contribues with the supervision of the intern students from Agricultural Sciences Faculty in the Northern Department of Haiti, it also helps with the recruitment of peanut value chain actors for different research activities. MFK also participates in the implementation of the gender strategy of the project, and aflatoxin testing of peanut samples.  


The Haitian Office of Standards (BHN), entity of the Ministry of Trade and Industries, plays  a key role in the implementation of the project's actions in terms of norms and awareness raising strategies. The BHN supports the project to create a national initiative for aflatoxins control.  

Financial and Conceptual Support

Beyond the financial support provided, IDRC helps to define and shape the project's direction. Its support is a source of inspiration and motivation.