Peanut value chain characterization

The peanut value chain will be characterized for a better understanding of the different activities of the actors and the indentification of critical points of aflatoxins contamination. A graduate student in the agricultural economics department of Laval University is currently in Haiti to conduct interviews and focus groups with different stakeholders in the peanut value chain.  

Peanut is an important crop in  several localities in the North and North-East deparments of Haiti. Many farmers prefer this crop because of its short production life cycle. Depending on the varities peanuts are ready to harvest after 3 to 6 months. The yields of the AFLAH project area vary from 15 to 25 bags. Each bag can hold between 40 to 45 Haitian marmites. Income from harvested peanuts enable families to meet basic needs such as food, and children school fees.  

Men are mostly owners of peanut production plots. Nevertheless, women have an important role in the different activities of the value chain. The characterization of the value chain through the AFLAH project, will highlight the roles of women in the activities. It will also identify critical points to avoid peanut contamination.