National initiative for aflatoxins contamination control

In order to make recommendations to public institutions for the preparation of a national plan for aflatoxins contamination control, the AFLAH project has regular meetings with the staff of Haitian Office of Standards (BHN). These meetings led to the establishment of a working group on aflatoxins in the agri-food standards technical committee. 

This fruitful collaboration between the AFLAH project and the BHN has also involved other actors such as FAO, and the Consumers Protection Direction. These actors joined the efforts to facilitate the implementation of the actions of the working group.  

Among the proposed activities for the working group we can find:

  • Preparation and submission of normative documents on peanut, corn and sorghum.
  • Meetings with partners for the implementation of a certification program/certification of the conformity of products lots in different value chains (peanut, corn, sorghum)
  • Drafying of specific certification regulations for different value chains
  • Activation of the agrifood certification committee