BDM Auctions

The aim of BDM auctions is to estimate the cost of implementing aflatoxins control methods as evaluated by peanut farmers.   

During the first year of the project, the cost of aflatoxins control methods is being investigated and evaluated by farmers through the BDM auction method. The additional price that consumers would be willing to pay for certified peanut products will also be calculated through individual interviews in the next phase of the project implementation.  

Initially, the project sets the goals to recruit 300 men and women peanut farmers in the North and North-East departments to participate in the auction activities. Thanks to the support of its partners, the AFLAH project has already recruited 327 peanut farmers, including 124 women. 275 of the 327 farmers have already participated in training sessions and have completed the BDM auction activities. 100 of the 275 farmer participants have received a full incentive package (technical assistance, tarps, bags, and inputs from the iF Foundation farm credit program*), 75 received tarps, 75 received iF Foundation program inputs and the other 25 participate in the activities as a control group.  

A baseline on aflatoxins levels of the farmers peanuts was prepared. At the end of the peanut season the aflatoxins levels of the farmers who are participating in the BDM auction will be evaluated again. 


* The inputs of iF Foundation credit program include: fongicides, seeds, land preparation